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Provides comprehensive equipment for kindergartens, schools and inclusive resource centers, offering high-quality educational materials and furniture for educational institutions and rehabilitation centers.


Complete set of school classrooms and STEM laboratories, teaching aids for schools - comprehensive school equipment
Equipment for primary school covers a very wide range of means - from didactic materials to school desks and chairs, but also furniture for teachers. Our online store has a wide range of school equipment, including teaching aids and furniture. Mental's extensive offering also includes study aids supporting the study of all school subjects and primary studies.

School equipment - to increase the joy of learning
School equipment from Mental is as diverse as learning itself. Do you want custom teaching materials and furniture for your school? With us you will get complete equipment for schools. Discover modern school equipment and school furniture to make you feel at home, teaching aids and didactic materials for all school subjects and teachers' needs, which make your everyday school life easier. For active learning in physical education, we recommend our sports equipment and sports games for school.

Equipment for kindergartens - teaching aids, furniture and art objects, as well as aids that support the development of fine motor skills and motor skills
A child-friendly kindergarten is a goal that can be achieved, among other things, by equipping the facility with didactic and multimedia tools, and safe, age-appropriate preschool furniture. You can find such complex equipment for kindergarten in our online store. Preschool children love all kinds of creative activities, for which they need a large number of objects for creativity. Individual equipment, as well as special sets of tables designed for kindergartens, can be found in our extensive offer of equipment for educational institutions.

Equipment for middle and high school - teaching aids for young people and furniture for secondary schools
The comprehensive equipment for secondary schools that we offer includes furniture collections for classrooms and subject laboratories, as well as tables and desks for students, as well as furniture sets for teachers in secondary schools. We also recommend teaching aids for high school, as well as teaching equipment needed for schools, including interactive whiteboards and projectors. A separate group consists of exercise accessories and equipment for high school gyms. We invite you to visit the middle and high school category and familiarize yourself with our offer of complex equipment for secondary schools.

Complex equipment for children's rooms - goods for sensory integration, furniture, toys in the children's room
Mental Store recommends sensory integration products designed for children's rooms. Among the offers for children's rooms are also products that have a positive effect on the development of children's sensory integration.

Educational equipment for all grades: primary grades, chemistry, physics, biology, mathematics, geography and history are school manuals. We offer complex solutions for equipping any classroom: didactic equipment, in accordance with the requirements for equipping the educational premises of the New Ukrainian School.
With the help of a modern assortment of demonstration and laboratory equipment for schools, MentalUA can equip classrooms in such a way as to make the educational process as productive as possible for students and teachers. We don't just supply schools with tools that make the learning process more effective. MentalUA is a manufacturer of educational products under its own brand MENTAL™. Our successful experience in public procurement gives you the confidence to trust us. We have an extremely wide range of educational equipment. To make it easier for you to find everything you need in the online store, we have divided the catalog into the following thematic sections:



Elementary School

Middle and high school

Sensory integration



The offer of the Mental online store consists of educational equipment that meets modern standards and requirements for general and specialized schools, kindergartens for early development, studios for children's creativity or for independent learning at home. We strive to do everything possible to ensure that the purchased educational tools are pleased with their long service life and level of quality!

Are you looking for comprehensive solutions for your educational institution? Would you like to equip a kindergarten or school with furniture? Do you need teaching aids, didactic materials, musical instruments, goods for sports or specific educational fields, as well as teaching aids for math and language support? Do you also want STEM education solutions? 


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